Who We Are

Expanse  is  a  multi-cultural  business  that  grows  other  businesses.  Expanse  promotes  economic  development  among small-  to  mid-sized  businesses  through  three  targeted  areas  of  expertise:  Strategic  Development,  Intelligence, and  Outreach.

Expanse uses this universal positioning to broaden the value propositions of businesses around the nation.

Get to know Sahnya

Sahnya has more than 20 years of experience helping business owners and non-profits to create and implement market strategies, intelligence and outreach planing.  Her multicultural background and cross industry perspective constitute some of her strongest standpoints.

As speaker and facilitator, Sahnya has engaged and motivated audience with hundreds of participants. An outstanding and prolific writer, she has published over 1000 articles and studies (not blogs) reproduced natioanally and internationally by the media.

Before social networks (B.S.M.) she created “INTER-FORUM” and “PymesDominicanas.Com”, interactive sites that achieved Latin-American leadership sharing worldwide experiences regarding Latin American studies and business related issues.  Later in her carreer she created “Texas On The Go”, an Intelligent Business Channel promoting business and commerce to and from the State of Texas.

Specialties: Multicultural Marketing, Hispanic Marketing, Diversity, Content Development, Public Relations, Small & Medium Business (SME).


Business and Social Media: Lesson Learned

“It's true the affirmation that social networking becomes more de rigeur, with our parents jumping on the Facebook wagon” Please, Baby Boomer, don't be offended.  Some business owners suffer from a terrible disease, “Fear of Change.”  The fear of using new...

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How to get in and stay in the Game

Thanks to David Marquez, Executive Director, Bexar County Economic Development Department and very special thanks to Rene Watson, Manager, Bexar County SMWBE Program, DBE Program Liaison and Laura Jesse, Public Information Officer The office of Small Business of Bexar...

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Entrepreneurs: 90 days. On you marks, get set, go!

Regardless whether we agree with the Stimulus Package or not it is a reality and governments around the world are also implementing similar measures.  US Entrepreneurs should have the first financial impact of the Stimulus Plan in approximately 90 days. A substantial...

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Ascertainment Sessions: The good, the bad & the ugly

This week I had the opportunity to serve as a speaker for the joint ascertainment session of the Houston area broadcasters.   I was invited by who has become a good friend, Dr. Natalie Evans. The initiative was very well coordinated. The comments are used to...

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