Regardless whether we agree with the Stimulus Package or not it is a reality and governments around the world are also implementing similar measures.  US Entrepreneurs should have the first financial impact of the Stimulus Plan in approximately 90 days.

A substantial portion of the money is designated to be invested in shovel ready projects from local and state government.  Most of those funds would go to construction and infrastructure.  This should be a tremendous opportunity, but we can’t forget the affirmation of Texas Controller’s, Susan Combs, about the more than 111,000 layoffs for Texas in 2009.   Even if we take into consideration that as per the Texas Public Policy Foundation 70% of new national jobs created in 2008 were created in Texas.What this mean for us entrepreneurs and small and medium business is that we need to see, observe and measure our opportunities in a completely different way from the traditional strategic plan we used in the past.

For or against America’s Climate Security Act of 2007
I’m for it
I’m against it
I’m undecided
I need more information
I don’t care
The definition of our aggregate value is more important than ever.   We should have a new plan, but if we do not have one we must get to work as creative entrepreneurs to look for the solutions government and corporation are looking for and capitalize on the opportunities. In other words review the plan and adjust it to a new reality.There is no doubt that the solution for the national economic crisis is in the hands of entrepreneurs.  Small and Medium businesses create jobs, they offer solutions and are the ones that in fact stimulate the economy.

Probably you are thinking you are not a construction company.  But there are much more than construction opportunities involved.  There will be procurement contracts opportunities for IT services, logistics, landscaping, project management, cleaning and many more. And if by any chance you are a minority or women owned company, your chances are even bigger.

More money on the street means more opportunities for you, your business and the economy.

So, this is it.   90 days.  Are you ready?