“It’s true the affirmation that social networking becomes more de rigeur, with our parents jumping on the Facebook wagon”

Please, Baby Boomer, don’t be offended.  Some business owners suffer from a terrible disease, “Fear of Change.”  The fear of using new technological tools that makes the communicational process faster and more effective.   Definitely the social networking phenomenon and mobile marketing are re-shaping the scenario.  Tools such as social media, twitter, blogging and many more can easily frustrate you.

HOW, WHEN and WHY has Social Media become such great success?

HowThe presidential election is an eye-opener for how old school marketing practices are changing.  If you keep watching and observing you will identify other trends taking place such as the closing of traditional newspapers and print media; the new interactive model traditional cable networks are implementing to keep their viewers motivated and keep then watching (text polls, mobile news on your phone, twitter and much more).


It is happening right now.   There are a lot of things happening simultaneously, too many to understand and too much to learn.


It’s just a glimpse; Interactive Marketing with Social Media and Mobile Channels are just the beginning.  Are you ready for what is coming next?  Remember, it is but a preview of the future!  So the traditional questions are not necessary anymore.  The real question is do you have your business new-media strategy? There are similarities between old entrepreneurship and new entrepreneurship: the all need to network.

During the Social Media panel at South by Southwest (SXSW) Manuel Delgado CEO at Agua Marketing shared with us that they had TweetDeck on the screen, for those for people to send questions or comments via Twitter.  The moderator said “for those of you without Twitter or iPhones, we also have a microphone…”  A reply for his comment was “…and who wants to be the loser at the microphone!”

The event takes place in Austin, from March 13 to the 22. SXSW is defined by some as “the Annual Conferences & Festivals” event.  The program features some of the most provocative individuals and ideas in music, film and interactive technology.  It’s a huge event; attending more than 3,000 young entrepreneurs especially in the Music, Film and Interactive industries.

Lessons Learned:

Build the opt-in list aggressively.   Advertise your new tools.  The Houston Dynamo’s have a Billboard campaign to build their opt-in list.

New-media strategy can be used for a product, service, or event in an electoral campaign.  The Obama campaign shows us that.  We are looking forward to see what the next year elections will bring to Texas.

Don’t jump if you aren’t ready.   Business people can no longer ignore the social networking phenomenon.   Don’t panic, you don’t need to start a blog right away, but need to research how the phenomenon could work for your business and how it can positively transform it!