This week I had the opportunity to serve as a speaker for the joint ascertainment session of the Houston area broadcasters.   I was invited by who has become a good friend, Dr. Natalie Evans. The initiative was very well coordinated.

The comments are used to determinate the topics and issues of most importance to our community.  “It is the business of listening to the people and the responsibility of the Media to represent or respond to the population needs.”

The Good: Diversity of the speakers, as well as the broadness of their perspective and subjects that ranged from art to government and business.

The Bad: The participation of the broadcast Executives, Public Services Directors, Station Managers, News and Program Directors was extremely poor.  People have things to say.  Not too many were there to listen!

The Ugly: Prior to the interview I took the time to check with some friends and here is what they told me:

  • Holes in downtown Houston’s streets are common, this is the space city, but we are not on the moon!
  • Traffic in Houston is simply chaotic! Results of poor planning.
  • Lack of Public Transportation, even to go a short distance you need your car.
  • Education, and here we are! The surveys and city business development plan approaches goals such as employment, salaries, oil and gas industry, but didn’t put to much emphasis in our horrible desertion levels and repentance in our schools.  Kids, especially Hispanic and African American arestruggling in school and there are not too many options for those who decide to quit! Hispanics are rapidly becoming the biggest minority and they do not have too many options or role models.   Maybe a PSA campaign with the major media could help to approach this situation.  Spain launched a campaign several years ago, “Educacion en Valores” or “Education in Values” where by using massive PSA announcements the population was getting the message on how to become a better citizen.   This maybe one of the possible solutions to empower the population with the compromise of improving their knowledge and their life.
  • Immigration Reform and the situation with the spending.  A cut back on spending has become an economic problem.  The illegal immigrants are holding on their money in case they get deported back to their countries.  They keep working hard, but less play and less money spent in US.
  • Dynamos Stadium.  Believe it or not, another concern of my contacts. Where will it be located, what business area will take advantage of the location and how soon the stadium will be built.  Thanks to Oliver Luck who sent us some information.

As I’ve learned, your comments and suggestions can and will make a difference.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Please send us your comments, or post them in our blog.   We want your community concerns, more specifically problems, needs, and/or interest which may or may not affect you directly.