Strategic Development

Identifying new business opportunities

  • Performs business and marketplace analyses
  • Identifies positioning power
  • Researches new and complimentary business lines
  • Generates growth ideas and plans
  • Disrupts thought stagnation

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Political and Business Intelligence

Thoroughly understanding key players and issues

  • Understands city infrastructure and movement
  • Has relationships within multi-ethnic and cultural business communities
  • Knows the political landscape and how to move in it
  • Provides multi-cultural education intended extend message reach

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Outreach and Engagement

Getting the right message to the right audience using the right platform

  • Develops messaging strategy for target groups
  • Leverages relationships within non-profits and media (social, tv, radio, print) to create a message platform
  • Extends reach of organization’s message and promotes engagement aimed at target audience

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It´s hard to count the good quality characteristics of Sahnya, because she has so many. She is a hard worker and very effective partner, one would like to work with her for any job or mission.

Wolf Poulet

Friederich-Naumann-Foundation (FNF), Dominican Republic, Haiti & Colombia

It is a pleasure to recommend Sahnya to anyone looking to promote their company or event on line. I recently advertised an event on Texas On The Go, at the begining of the year and was very happy with the exposure that we recieved. In working together she was also able to find me an event sponsor which I didn’t expect which just shows her ability to help above and beyond the standard deal. I look forward to working with her again and know that you will enjoy her professionalism and great attitude too.

David Solis, Jr.

Board Member, The Woodlands Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ever have a wish? Have you thought to yourself: “I want to meet a person who is committed, easy to connect with, knowledgeable, flexible, bi-lingual, savvy about marketing, interested in people, trusting and able to move forward in the face of adversity.” Sahnya Shulterbrandt is such a person and I highly recommend you connect with her.

Michael Hartzell

Author/Speaker, Inbound Marketing Pro & Guerrilla Marketing Trainer/Coach